How to Revive Summer-Damaged Hair

It's Summertime, and if you are like me, you're outside soaking up some fun in the sun. Isn't it great? Warm summer nights, sunny skies, beach days, and damaged hair... wait, what? Yes if you like being out and about during these hot months you can bet your hair is probably taking a beating. All those messy buns and pony tails, salt water and chlorine, UV rays from the sun. Not to worry! You can save your locks from damage with the right care and products. Here are some of my favorite tips you can try this season.

First things first: Protect your hair from the harsh sun.

So we know that our skin can get burned from too much sun exposure, but did you know your hair can burn also? Color fading, dryness and breakage can occur if your hair is left naked in the sunlight. Good thing products these days contain environmental blocking ingredients such as Fennel Seed Extract. My go-to product for this issue is Colour Fanatic by Pureology. It has 21 essential benefits, including detangling and moisturizing. It also has coconut oil to add shine and de-frizz and is completely vegan.

Spray onto towel dried hair after your normal shampoo/condition routine. Comb through for the ultimate soft, smooth and sun protected hair. Air dry or style as desired. You may even bring it to the beach or pool to re-aply after going for a swim.

Next on the list: Rid your hair of mineral and chlorine build up.Taking a dip in the ocean or swimming pool is amazing during the summer. But over time the minerals and chemicals found in those waters can form layers on each strand and result in brittle or gummy hair and uneven color. Watch out blondes, your hair can turn green! I recommend Wellness Hair Remedy Swimmers by Malibu C. These crystals remove any build up of minerals and restore your hair's vibrancy and bounce. The cute 0.17oz packet is easy to take along on your summer vacay and is also 100% vegan.

After shampooing, pour crystals into wet palm and add a little water to dissolve. Work into hair and scalp and leave on for at least 5 mins, longer for more distressed locks. Rinse, shampoo again and rinse well. Follow with your regular conditioner.

This is a MUST-Do: Stop split ends and breakage while you sleep.

Hot. Summer. Nights. They can be brutal. But so can tying your hair up in those tight messy buns and pony tails before bed. The tension from the rubber band causes breakage in areas all over your scalp. And loose hair can rub against your pillow during the night causing split ends. You can save your hair while you sleep by simply braiding it. One braid, two braids, french braids, loose braids!

By forming hair together into a woven braid, the chances of strands getting roughed up by tossing and turning on a hot night are lessened, and you wake up with soft, healthy hair. Plus, your hair is already styled in summery waves in the morning. I like to wear two braids so my hair has a tighter wave.

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