Vivid Hair Color: What You Need To Know

We all love vivid hair color, that's a given. It's beautiful, it's edgy, it's special. Vivid hair color can be vibrant and loud, or soft and subtle. A full head allows the wearer to make a bold statement, while a small pop can make you feel mysterious. There's an endless amount of choice when it comes to deciding what vivid color you want to rock, but first you should understand what all goes into making these colors possible, and how to manage them thereafter.

Okay First: The Process Is Major

It's all very exciting, you've made the decision to be bold and wear vivid hair color! It has a lot of meaning to you, I understand, and I am going to do everything in my power to make it happen. A typical vivid hair color appointment in the salon takes about 5 hours, with multiple processes and can be expensive. Most of the colors my clients choose require a white base before application. Meaning, the hair needs to be as close to white-blonde as possible for the colors to even show up. So whether you have virgin hair or previously colored hair, I will need to lighten it. To keep the integrity of your hair intact, it's best to break up the lightening process into a few sessions before making the jump to vivid hair color. If you just can't wait, be ready to get a good trim at the end of your appointment.

Pro Tip: Prep your hair a week before your appointment by using products rich in protein and moisture to ensure minimal damage.

Alright Now: Maintenance

You are now beautifully bold or perfectly pastel! Maintenance is key when it comes to keeping your vivid hair color as long as possible. The colors fade a little with every shampoo. Therefore you must use a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo and limit the number of shampoos per week. Dry shampoo is your new best friend. The temperature of the water you use is also important. The warmer the water the more color molecules rinse out. Cold water is necessary when it comes to longevity. I recommend my clients come in for a color refreshening every 4-6 weeks.

Pro Tip: Add a little vivid hair color to your conditioner and leave on hair for a few minutes after shampooing to keep color from fading as quickly.

Always: Products

Products are necessary in haircare and color maintenance. Here are my personal product recommendations to anyone who loves sporting vivid hair color.

Pureology Strength Cure is an amazing line formulated with antioxidants and their own Anti-Fade Complex to help repair damaged hair and keep color from fading. The shampoo is gentle but does a great job cleansing without pulling too much color out of my hair, plus it's totally vegan.

KMS Makeover Spray is a great dry shampoo to have at home. In order to extend the life of your vivid color when shampooing less, use this at the roots to absorb oil build up. The formula doesn't cake up on the hair like other powdery dry shampoos out there, and the light scent of mint makes me feel fresh after using it.

Sebastian Penetraitt Conditioner is a great protein enriched, reparative conditioner to use after every shampoo or whenever your hair needs a little pick-me-up. I add my vivid color to this conditioner and leave it on my hair for a few minutes to help keep my color bright while restoring hair's strength.

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