Professional Vs Amateur

Professional: A person who is expert at his or her work.

Amateur: A person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity.

The line between professional and amateur is blurred these days. With so much access to information via smartphones and the internet, any ordinary person can read, watch, study and create just about anything. I am all for DIY when it comes to projects like the wreath my mom and I pinned birthday balloons to and hung for a party; or the red, white, and blue flower crowns I made for my friends and I to wear on the Fourth of July. I even used an old razor to distress a pair of inexpensive jeans (and I love them). But when it comes to hair, a few video tutorials and some cheap off brand products are not going to achieve desired results.

Lately, it appears people are getting experimental with their looks. But instead of asking a professional hairstylist to help them reach their goals, it seems easier to watch a one minute Instagram video or read a step by step tutorial that, for all we know, could've been written by a child, or just google it. Because of this, the trust between client and hairstylist is dwindling. It’s as if clients think they are being taken advantage of by hairstylists who charge accordingly for their services (aka skills). The popular styles can be expensive, like the specialty hair color services Balayage and Ombré. But the reason they cost so much is because the stylist creating those looks is well trained and knows exactly what she's doing. I have seen too many clients who tried to save money by attempting to do their own color or cut, and now need a professional to fix it. Usually fixing hair that has been over processed takes time and dedication. Sometimes the client ends up paying more money and spending more time in the salon as we nurse their hair back into shape. It is better for both parties to restore the trust that once was there, before the internet made everyone think they don't need professional hairstylists. So the next time you are ready to make a change to your hairstyle, please keep this in mind:

The average person has between 100,000-150,000 hairs on their head. We as professional hairstylists work with hundreds of people per year, and comb through hundreds of thousands of hair strands. We have felt it in our hands, wet and dry. We have colored it and cut it. We have styled it, applied heat to it, and even damaged some of it. We have nursed it back to health, and restored life to it. We have committed money and time to get our professional licenses. We go to the classes, the meetings and the conventions. We have met and discussed ideas with the most successful people in the industry. We write reports, give presentations, do homework and take tests. We try very hard to be the best hairstylists because we know our clients deserve the best services. We are professionals.

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