Five Things to do This Fall; Your Hair Will Love You

Oh Fall. How we’ve missed you. Once again, you bring us the joy and thrill that is the start of the holiday season. The days are longer, the air a bit chillier (still waiting on that here in California), party invitations start arriving and, more excitingly, it’s time to blow the dust off my booties and step out in my more-stylish-than-summer wardrobe that has been suffering in the back of my closet for months.

We take more pride in our appearance during these months; invest in some nice sweaters and maybe try a new shade of lipstick that was too bold for the less-is-more look of the previous warmer months. Forgetting something? Oh yeah, your hair!

All the hot and cold, dry and humid back and forth that goes on during these weeks takes a major toll on your locks. This is the perfect time to make some style changes and incorporate some hair-saving habits to get you through this season without a split. Here are my top five suggestions to keep up with Fall that your hair will love you for!

1. Change your cut:

This may seem a little scary to some, but it can be one of the most liberating ways to change your style. Face it, you need a good haircut after summer is over, your ends are brittle and split. Commit to cutting off all that damage and add in some chic layers. Fall hair is all about classy, dressed up style, and having healthy ends is part of the look! Your hair will feel silky, bouncy and fresh. Take it one step further and try out Fall’s hottest trend, the updated shag. It is an ultra cool, multilayered haircut with lots of texture that can be adjusted to a custom fit for your style preference.

Check out for ideas.

2. Change your color:

One of the least threatening yet most dramatic ways to make a style change this Fall is to change up your color. Most people are still rockin’ a lighter blonde, ombré color they either payed for or naturally developed while on a fabulous Summer vacation. The hair is lifeless and beaten down by UV rays and salt water and in need of some TLC. This is the perfect opportunity to try out a darker shade. Going darker helps fill in the hair’s damaged cuticle layer, allowing for smoother, more shiny strands. Hair gets a fresh finish, and instantly looks healthier. For those of you who already have dark colored hair, try adding some babylights (very fine highlights) throughout your entire head. A full head of babylights throughout dark tresses adds beautiful shine that makes the hair really sparkle in the light.

3. Request Olaplex:

Whether getting a fresh cut or new color, ask your stylist to use Olaplex. Typically used in the salon as a two part system (No.1 and No.2), it works to form disulfide bonds during and after the service. Chemicals and heat styling wear on the health of hair, breaking down the disulfide bonds (bonds that make up the interior of the hair shaft). Using the system while receiving a color service minimizes damage significantly. It also allows color to last longer, YAY! The system is also great to use on hair as a stand-alone treatment. And if you’d like extra benefits, No.2 can even be used as a cutting lotion during your haircut. Check out to learn more about this amazing product.

4. Deep Condition your hair:

Always, always, always! Deep conditioning is a must year round, but especially during these dry weeks. The air dries out your skin, and you use super hydrating lotion, right? Think of your hair in the same way; it dries out so you need to moisturize it. Introducing my new favorite deep conditioner, Color Fanatic Instant Deep-Conditioning Mask by Pureology. This amazing product has 21 essential benefits designed to restore, protect and perfect the hair. I recommend using this once a week; after shampooing with a sulfate-free shampoo and towel drying hair, apply mask and comb through to ensure even saturation. Leave in for 1-3 minutes. For best results, cover hair with plastic cap and leave in for 10+ mins. Rinse and style for silky, smooth hair.

5. Braid your hair before bed:

This is hands down the BEST thing you can do to protect your hair from damage. Before you lay down to catch those Zz’s please do yourself a favor and put your hair in a braid. Whether your hair is healthy already or on the journey to new life, securing your locks in this manner cuts down significantly on damage that occurs while you are blissfully unaware in dreamland. As you move around during sleep, friction between loose strands and your pillow case causes a lot of unnecessary splits and breakage. You wake up with dry, brittle hair and think, “what happened last night?!” Try brushing it and putting it into a braid next time. You will wake up in the morning with hair that is still as soft and tangle free as it was the day before. For even better results, opt for a french braid to ensure all the hair around your face is out of harms way as well.

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