Holiday Packing Essentials For Stress-Free Travel

This season creeps up on us quicker every year. Holiday music starts playing the moment we bounce back from our Thanksgiving food comas. Decorations go up in stores and advertisements to buy everything in sight bombard us from all directions. All the dinner parties, and ugly Christmas sweaters we have to keep track of, buying gifts to bring to every event and still trying to have money left over to pay the bills can be frustrating! And to top it all off, most of us have to travel the week of Christmas. Finding the time to pack and knowing what to bring can be tough, so before you have a melt down and pull your hair out (please don’t), here are some helpful suggestions on what to bring that will keep your hair happy and your mind at peace.

Hair Must-Have’s Essential Packing List:

Wet Brush

Silk Pillow Case

Travel Size Toiletries

Shine Spray

Bobby Pins

​The wet brush is an excellent tool to own. It’s flexible bristles are ideal for brushing out tangles without ripping through your hair to cause breakage. While you're traveling you may find your hair reacts differently to the new environment. It could feel dry, brittle, and tangle easier than usual. This brush is made to glide through hair and gently work knots out. It is also a favorite of people with scalp sensitivity because it eases tension during brushing. This is a must have, throw it in your bag.

A silk pillow case is just amazing. Not only does it feel great on your skin, but your hair needs the soft silkiness too. Usually sheets at hotels are stiff and scratchy, a nightmare for your hair’s health. Rubbing around on a rough pillow case causes friction and hair will damage and break. To keep your hair soft and tangle free, don't forget to pack a silk pillow case. Your hair will stay healthy and happy during your travels.

Products are always hard to pack. Are you checking or carrying on? Are they going to take up too much space in your luggage? Will you even use the products you want to bring? Thankfully it helps to downsize. I love using travel size product bottles. I usually find these at my local drug store for a few bucks. Made for flying, they are the perfect carry-on size of 3oz. So instead of buying all new products in a small size, I just fill the bottles with the shampoo and conditioner I already own. They are also great for bringing your own body wash, facial cleanser, and lotions. Using this method allows you to bring whatever you think you may need without worrying about over-filling your bag.

Aside from the obvious essentials like shampoo and conditioner, the most important product to bring on a trip in my opinion is shine spray. My favorite of the moment is Headrush by Bed Head. It’s a lightweight, shine mist that is easy to spray onto hair when it’s wet or dry. It helps soften dry hair, and lightly tames frizz. And it can be used in place of a heat protector when blowdrying or flat ironing. I always finish my hair style with this spray to give my hair a fresh lustrous look. Bring it.

Lastly, always make sure to have bobby pins handy. You never know what style you are going to want to rock during your travels. And keeping your hair out of your face while in transit is key. I am a fan of using bobby pins over rubber or elastic hair ties. Hair ties put unnecessary tension on hair, causing breakage and discomfort. It feels much more comfortable to roll hair up in a bun and secure with bobby pins than to pull it tight and catch it on a rubber band. Bobby pins make changing hair styles easier as well. Simply add braids or pin pieces back to freshen up previously styled hair for a new look. So pack the pins.

And those are the essentials to pack while traveling for stress-free gorgeous holiday hair. Safe travels, and happy holidays!

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